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Clever ODOT billboards capturing attention of drivers

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is getting clever with its messaging along state highways.

“Leaf your phone alone while driving. Don’t fall into bad habits,” the signs said recently.

“Wow. I guess it fits the season. First day of fall. Makes me want to get off my phone,” laughed Randy Gordon.

“I love a good dad joke,” said Grant Zellner.

ODOT puts up the messaging on its light-up signs during “Work Zone Wednesdays.”

“Texting and driving. Oh, cell no,” read a recent sign.

“That’s good! Yeah! Yeah, I like that,” said Kelly Eberhardt.

“Oh, that’s the one! My kids wouldn’t get that but my wife would love it,” said Zellner.

ODOT says the clever signs have been going on since last year.

“I do understand at times, we get a little creative. The whole idea here is to get people’s attention,” said Terri Angier with ODOT. She noted that 3 million vehicles pass the signs each month.

And the messaging is a joint effort.

“We’ve got an extremely creative crew,” she said. “There’s of course all of us in our office, but we do have guest appearances from the other divisions.”

Angier says the messaging doesn’t cost money and drivers say the concept is priceless.

“I think as long as you have something people are paying attention to, it breaks it up from the ‘Don’t do this,’ and it kind of makes it more fun and maybe people will get it stuck in their head. I like it,” said Gordon.