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Church group credited with saving baby who was found in car seat along Oklahoma City interstate

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A newborn who was found Saturday on the shoulder of I-40 is okay thanks to a church group, and police have now located the child's mother.

It happened Saturday afternoon on I-40 near Triple X Road.

"Thankfully, it was an alert church bus driver who was driving down the road, he had a van full of kids," said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The church group was heading home to Ada when they made a shocking discovery.

"They saw a child seat over on the shoulder of the road that looked like it had a doll in it," Knight said.

However, they decided to stop and check just to be sure.

"Unfortunately, there was actually a baby that had been left on the side of the road," Knight said.

Police said the little guy is only a few weeks old, and it was a hot and sunny afternoon.

"Officers went to the scene. They were unable to locate a mother, the mother of the child. But, they did call for EMSA to come out and check the baby. The baby was just fine, not injured in any way," Knight said.

A member of the church posted a picture of the baby to Facebook, which was shared thousands of times.

Police said, sometime later, officers were able to track down the child's mother.

"It's unclear what led to her just pulling over, setting the child on the side of the road and then driving off. Obviously, that's a dangerous thing," Knight said.

According to police, the newborn was only out there for a few minutes. So, the church group's quick response may just have saved his life.

"They saw the baby, stopped, provided aid and called for police. So, thankfully, everything worked out in this case," Knight said.

Once officers located the baby's mother, she was transported to St. Anthony Hospital to be checked out.

Police said it's too early to know if charges will be filed.

The baby is in DHS custody.