Oklahoma representative says he will fight new child support fee

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma representative says he is planning to fight against a new fee that is targeting child support recipients.

Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services announced that many child support recipients will see a new fee withheld from their child support payments.

Beginning Oct. 1, Child Support Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, will charge up to $10 per month on child support collections.

This fee is in addition to any fees recipients already pay.

Officials with DHS say the new fee is expected to generate about $1 million this year and is one of several measures taken by DHS to balance its FY 2018 budget.

However, an Oklahoma representative says that he plans to address this new fee at the beginning of the next legislative session.

Rep. Jason Lowe says he disagrees with the new practice.

“How do you just spring something like this on people? It is unfair,” Lowe said. “These families are being penalized by state Republicans who are passing along the cost of running state agencies to the taxpayer due to their poor budget management. They are essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Lowe says that when the Legislature convenes in February, he plans to introduce legislation to put a stop to this new tax.

“This new child support fee was wrong from the start,” Lowe said. “An administrative law judge should not have been able to decide this like a dictator. The legislature should have had to vote on it since it will be affecting our constituents. We are, after all a democracy.”

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