OSU assistant basketball coach suspended after accusations of involvement in NCAA fraud, corruption scheme

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STILLWATER, Okla. - It's an investigation that started in 2015.

Federal authorities discovered NCAA assistant coaches, sports agents, financial managers and even someone with Adidas were allegedly involved in bribery schemes that also involved student athletes.

"You hoped it wasn't true. I was disappointed for the program," said Chas Carroll, Oklahoma State University student.

One of those coaches is OSU's Lamont Evans.

The FBI traced his involvement back to when he was still an assistant coach with the University of South Carolina.

Court records show he made at least $22,000. Some of that money was handed to him up front and, other times, electronically.

It was a shock to students.

"You want to make sure everybody's getting a fair shake at it from a competition standpoint, from a financial standpoint," Carroll said.

The court documents show Evans' alleged involvement followed him to Stillwater.

He would reportedly take money to recruit high school basketball players to OSU in exchange for them to do business with others involved in the case once they reach the NBA.

OSU students, like Carroll, said this comes at a time when the team is transitioning with a new head coach.

"We had high hopes going into this new phase of OSU basketball, and to see something like this put a black eye on the program - before he could even coach a game - is tough," he said.

February 3, 2017, the same day OSU traveled to play West Virginia, Evans allegedly introduced an OSU player to a financial adviser working with the FBI at a hotel.

"We hope that these charges and arrests will help keep the sport they love clean and honest," said Joon H. Kim, acting U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York.

OSU said, in a statement:

“Based on the serious and troubling allegations in the complaint, Oklahoma State University has suspended assistant coach Lamont Evans. We are cooperating with federal officials. We have been in contact with the NCAA and will provide additional information as it becomes available. OSU takes seriously the high standards of conduct expected in our athletic department and does not tolerate any deviation from those standards.”

Evans faces 11 counts that could carry an 80-year prison sentence.

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