Oklahoma Starbucks donating unsold food to local food bank

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A popular coffee shop is helping those in need by donating unsold food to a local food bank.

Starbucks announced that it working to save 100 percent of unsold food each night from its stores and donate the items to a network of 200 food banks across the country.

One of those food banks is the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

“We are so very grateful to Starbucks for inviting us be a part of this innovative program,” said Katie Fitzgerald, chief executive officer of the Regional Food Bank. “Each year, an estimated 72 billion pounds of food go to waste in this country while there are 41 million Americans, including one in six Oklahomans, who struggle with hunger. The FoodShare program is providing wholesome food and hope to Oklahomans we serve.”

Through the program, unsold food from 30 Oklahoma stores will be donated to the Regional Food Bank. Food donations include breakfast sandwiches, Bistro boxes and salads.

“Another great example where our partners have shown leadership courage and challenged the status quo,” said Tracy Toomer, regional director of operations for Starbucks Coffee Company.  “This program was in response to a call to action from Starbucks partners, your neighborhood baristas. It’s exciting to be a part of this ground-breaking partnership and to work with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma team. Together, we will provide meals for people who are food insecure and increase awareness of the hunger issue in Oklahoma.”

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