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4th grader makes homemade air conditioner to help cool off classmates after record heat

CALEDONIA, Mich. - "Beat the Heat!"

That's one classroom's new motto after record heat has been hitting their area.

WXMI reports the heat in Michigan has even kept the kids indoors during recess.

Many kids in Kelly Lacroix's class brought fans to help keep the classroom cool.

"It just started to get super, super hot," she said.

But one student's homemade air conditioner not only kept the class cool, but was also used in a teaching lesson.

"My mom helped a little bit," said Abram Barker.

He said he wanted to make the air conditioner after watching videos for Do-It-Yourself air conditioners on YouTube.

"So I clicked on that and then it was a little Home Depot bucket with a lid on top," Barker said.

And with the help of mom, a plastic tote, frozen water bottles, 2-liter bottles cut in half, and a fan, Barker made the homemade air conditioner for his class.

"We've talked about condensation and the phases of matter and how the fan is actually sucking hot air in and getting cooled off and then blowing it out the vents," said Lacroix.