“He’s nowhere to be found,” Oklahoma man searching for missing horse

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are searching for a stolen horse that disappeared sometime Monday night from a pasture near Luther.

“I heard the dogs barking and things like that, and I don't really think anything about it because, well, I didn't think somebody would steal your horse in the middle of the night,” Colton Story told News 4.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened. Story's horse, 7-year-old Wicked, vanished from the property.

Story says he has never escaped or even gone close to the fence in the past.

“The next morning, we come out and he's gone. The other horses are still there and he's nowhere to be found,” Story said.

They didn’t see any footprints or tire tracks in the pasture, but he says it looked like somebody stepped on part of the gate.

“So, we didn't assume he walked to the gate. I think somebody was walking down the street and loaded him in a trailer,” Story said.

He said he thinks he knows who did it.

“A couple weeks before that, somebody came out and tried to take him and we ran him off. The police came out and everything like that and then all of a sudden he's missing. So it kind of adds up that it'd be him. But you know, I'm not going to point fingers yet,” Story said.

While police investigate Wicked's disappearance, he’s hoping that social media will help bring him back home.

“I had my truck stolen recently too. So two things in a couple months, that`s pretty hard,” Story said.

Wicked is a Palomino. He’s about 5’4" at the top of his back and has a light sandy colored coat with a light blonde mane and tail.

If you’ve seen him, call CrimeStoppers at (405)-235-7300. ​