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Love for Baseball Hall of Famer and Binger, Oklahoma come together in one museum

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BINGER, OKLAHOMA -- Christmas came early in Binger this year.

Bobby Bench just kept coming in with box after box of pictures, bags full of bats, even stuff from loyal fans of his dad Johnny Bench, arguably the best catcher to ever play baseball.

"A lot of this stuff he forgot he even had," says Bobby.

But the crown jewels of what Bobby brought are the result of two years of calls and long drives.

Johnny though it might be a good idea to gather all ten of his Gold Gloves, awarded by Major League Baseball to the best fielder at each position.

Six of them were already in a case at the Johnny Bench Museum in Binger.

Bobby found two at the Cincinnati Hall of Fame, one at a nearby steak house, and the 1976 award at a friend's restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

He says, "It's a big relief. It's something I've been working on for two years now."

They're together now for the first time in years.

Bobby never did get a chance to see his father play.

He was born the same year dad went into the Hall of Fame.

But he's made a second career of collecting Johnny Bench's baseball legacy: two World Series trophies, a complete collection of 14 All-Star game bats, and stuff from much earlier.

Johnny's 3rd Grade report card is on display (all A's), as well as a boyhood baseball diary, even a picture from his senior trip to Lake Tenkiller in 1965.

Both Bobby and Johnny collected all this here to show kids from small towns that great things are possible.

"You can be from a small town like Binger and still do this much in your career," he says.

Start at one end of Johnny Bench Street and you can find his boyhood home.

Drive up the hill and you can see the baseball field named for him.

He's even on the wall of the old high school.

But beneath the surface you still see a small Oklahoma town that loves its own and a baseball family that loved the town right back.

The Johnny Bench Baseball Museum is located next to the Binger City Hall.