OSU student arrested for taking understall photo in library restroom

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STILLWATER, Okla. - A sneaky snapshot landed an Oklahoma State University student in jail and charged with a felony.

Campus police were called to one of the restroom stalls on campus and ended up arresting 18-year-old Craig Fletcher.

"I'd be pretty angry,” student Nathan Gibson said.

And so was the student who saw a phone peering out from under a restroom stall next to him.

Court records show the male student was sitting inside one of the stalls when he noticed the camera that appeared to be taking video or pictures.

It happened in a men’s restroom at the school library.

"I would definitely confront the person on why they did it and make them delete the picture,” Gibson said.

The student called police and an officer met him at the restroom.

The student told authorities “the person in the stall that the phone was peeking from was wearing grey golf shorts that were down to the ankles and wearing grey and white Nike shoes.” He also told them that person was still inside the stall.

The student reporting the incident blocked the only door to the restroom until police arrived.

"He should be expelled right then,” Gage Watson said.

Officers confronted Fletcher and “asked him if he had any pictures of people in the bathroom on his phone, and Fletcher responded ‘probably.’”

"There is no tolerance for that kind of stuff,” Watson said. “That just makes everyone feel uncomfortable."

Fletcher was charged with one felony count of using electronic equipment for a lewd purpose.

He faces up to five years in prison and a $500 fine.