Two friends mourning the loss of their 10 pets, Oklahoma home after fire

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KINGSTON, Okla. – Two friends are mourning the loss of their 10 pets and home after a house fire in Kingston, Oklahoma.

“My happiness is gone,” said Wendy Stell. “I feel like part of my life is gone.”

Stell was at work when the fire started Wednesday.

She and her roommate of 11 years, Lisa Maxon, say they are devastated.

“I lost my babies, my mother passed away a couple years ago and I had a lot of her stuff, stuff I was going to pass along to my grandkids,” Maxon told KXII.

Maxon says she heard a loud pop and then saw black smoke while sitting the living room of the home.

“The flames came up, and they were so high they knocked me out the front door,” Maxon said. “And I went back in two times to save our babies, our rescue babies, and I wasn’t able to.”

Fire officials say an electrical short may have started the fire.

Stell and Maxon lost nine cats and one dog.

And while they were able to save one cat and their two outdoor dogs survived, they’re still trying to cope with the loss of animals who were more than just pets.

“A kitty cat giving you a kitty kiss when you’re crying, or a dog coming up to paw you because he wants to play,” Stell said. “They made me laugh, smile, and everything I did involved them.”

KXII reports the two are staying at a motel that was paid for by the Red Cross.

“She’s my best friend, and we’ll get through this together,” Maxon said.