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Edmond high school student speaks to school board at meeting about being bullied

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond student spoke in front of the school board Monday night saying he's had enough with how the district handled a recent incident at school where he said he was bullied.

"I've been raised to where that kind of stuff doesn't bother me like it does some other kids, but I know other kids might not take it the same way as other kids,” said Drew O'Daniel, an Edmond Memorial student.

It started with an inappropriate photo of O’Daniel taken in the high school locker room by another student last school year. He said he didn't give consent for the photo to be taken.

Then, at the beginning of this school year, the photo resurfaced after a ride home from school.

“There was supposed to be some agreement of gas money. One person didn't pay the other. There was a threat to use the picture against him, because he didn't pay the money,” said Jenny Wagnon, spokesperson for the Edmond Police Department.

O'Daniel denied owing any money, which then resulted in the two students fighting after football practice one day. O'Daniel was suspended for one game, while the other student was allegedly suspended from school. O'Daniel decided to quit the team instead.

Then, another fight by another student. O’Daniel said he was punched in the face. O’Daniel’s mother said both students were suspended for two days.

Throughout it all, O’Daniel doesn't believe the district did enough to stop the bullying.

"That the school would take more of an initiative to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future instead of informing kids what happened. Make it to where they don't want to,” O’Daniel said.

Once back from his suspension, O'Daniel said he was put in the same classroom with the accused. He said an agreement with the district and parents said the two students were not supposed to be in the same class.

"I thought it was kind of weird and uncomfortable considering everything that had happened and now we have the same class,” O’Daniel said.

O'Daniel said he feels like he’s helped others after getting feedback from Monday night’s speech.

"Today I got here and a few people were telling me that they had gone through similar stuff and how people had harassed them sexually and they told the school and they didn't do anything about it," O’Daniel said.

The Edmond school district released a statement about the incident, saying:

"Allegations of cyberbullying that a Memorial High School student spoke about at the Oct. 2 school board meeting were previously reported to Edmond Public Schools. Working in cooperation with the Edmond police Department, this incident was investigated and resolved this past August. Edmond Public Schools stands behind its response to this incident. The district will not tolerate bullying between students when online, or while at school or at school functions."

At this point, Edmond police said charges won't be filed with the district attorney due to insufficient evidence.

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