UPDATE: Student Loan Relief CEO keeps client scrambling

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UPDATE 10/24/17 – Jason Spencer finally got back to us through email saying he’ll reach out to Andres Guerrero and “make it right today.”

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Records show Spencer's former company, "Student Loan Relief" has been drafting Andres' account, Andres says, without paying lenders.

“What I had paid for the last two years I thought it was going to those student loans, which it has not been,” Andres said.

Spencer is staying in touch with Andres by text and over the phone saying he hasn't been affiliated with Student Loan Relief in years, but promising to get Andres his refund check soon.

Now there is word of another setback.

Andres recently received a string of new texts from Jason Spencer.

The former CEO claims his bank accounts are frozen and he can't buy food for his family.

He claims his deal with Andres still stands and his lawyers tell him things should be resolved by Friday.

We’ll check back.

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MOORE, OKLA. - The owner of Student Loan Relief was in tears over the things being said about him and his company online. 

“I'm ashamed to say it,” he said. “It's basically because I'm a wimp [and] I get on there and it beats me down.”

Last year during an interview with KTVT in Dallas, CEO Jason Spencer, reacted to the dozens of complaints filed against his company with the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

“You know I haven't read ‘em all,” he said.

Clients, like Andres Guerrero from Moore, say they were blindsided.

Thousands of dollars are missing.

Technically Andres' mom is the one on the hook for the loans and was looking for relief.

“She got a letter,” Andres said. “I guess it's one of those letters.”

The solicitation letter was from Student Loan Relief offering to help the family lower their payments for a monthly fee.

For a bit the partnership was working.

Lenders were getting paid, but then Andres took over the payments to Student Loan Relief and things changed. 

“What I had paid for the last two years I thought it was going to those student loans, which it has not been,” he said.

Records show the company has been drafting his account, Andres says, without paying lenders and he's not the only one crying foul.     

Michelle Ridgley's two degrees racked up about $60,000 in debt.

She also ponied up a fee each month to Student Loan Relief to help consolidate her loans.

“I could do $46 a month,” Michelle said.

Michelle says she thought her monthly payments were going toward her balance and instead her loan went into forbearance.

“I'm just so stupid for even taking that chance,” she said.

There are lots of warnings out there about bogus debt relief companies, but Spencer says his company isn't one of them.

He says his team has helped thousands of people find programs to lower their loan payments.

He said, “If I was bad I'd be shut down a long time ago.”

Last year he said he fired all of his employees, except for one and was using artificial intelligence to help run his company.

Now Andres is in a race with time to get a hold of a live person.

He keeps running into dead ends.

The In Your Corner team keeps getting more of the same.

Our repeated phone calls and emails were not returned.

We also alerted the U.S. Department of Education about Jason Spencer and his company's claim that Student Loan Relief works with the Department of Education.

If there's a silver lining for Andres and his mom, their loans never went into default, because they went above and beyond what most do.

They kept making payments to their lenders, on top of their consolidation payment each month.

At this point Andres is pleading for a call back and some proof.

“If they can show me where this money has been and it's gone to a debt, my student loans, it's great,” he said.

We've instructed Andres and his mom to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

Everything a debt relief company claims it can do for you, you can do yourself for free! 

A great starting point is the non-profit, Consumer Credit Counseling of Central Oklahoma.

According to Jason Spencer's blog he was recently elected to the Board of Directors for an orphanage in South America.

A spokesperson for that orphanage tells the "In Your Corner" team Spencer is a donor and was an active board member at one time, but is no longer affiliated with board.

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