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“He just needs to get help,” Man arrested after allegedly making terroristic threats

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is behind bars after allegedly devising a plot that was inspired by the deadly attack in Las Vegas.

On Oct. 3, Oklahoma City police said they were told about a man making terroristic threats on Facebook.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers said 39-year-old Roderick Robinson wrote about killing people in San Antonio and Oklahoma City. The affidavit states he compared his plan “to the Las Vegas shootings.”

“My understanding is that those post included content not only threatening to San Antonio but also Oklahoma City citizens,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

On Tuesday night, friends said Robinson went to his Facebook page to express some frustrations about some people in San Antonio messing up his girlfriend's lawn.

“He got angry and got on Facebook,” said Ronnie, a friend of Robinson.

“I'm a big time street guy an will be ready guns loaded I'm doing ice so I'll be up for days an will shoot anyone who comes back over here an I will drive down the strip I will find out who did it an will kill all of you on sight an who ever else that's there it's war b***** an no one is safe on the strip now f*** all of you how about that,” Robinson's post read.

Investigators said Robinson continued to post threatening messages on social media.

“Now that you post my posts I will now do it then an my phone is rigged to ping off of towers that I'm not at so guess what I might as well carry this out so get ready it will happen when no one thinks it will happen an yes let the Feds an news come down to the strip an bust all of you f*** up folks,” another post read.

San Antonio police got wind about the post and contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department. In addition to hearing about the posts from San Antonio authorities, Oklahoma City police said several citizens contacted them after seeing the posts as well.

“You have to take every threat seriously, especially in the wake of Las Vegas,” Ronnie said.

The allegations came as no surprise to Robinson's friend, Ronnie, who didn't want to show his face on camera.

“He’s done this before, made threats before, so I wasn’t really surprised but I thought he was over that,” Ronnie said.

Eight years ago, Robinson walked into the Oklahoma City Federal Building and allegedly made terrorist threats.

“He was actually arrested in 2009 by our department for use of an instrument to convey false information to intimidate by explosives,” Morgan said.

Court documents show he allegedly walked inside the building with a black bag and handed the security guard two notes.

Both notes requested money and threatened to use bombs if money wasn't given to him.

His friends hope, after this latest incident, someone will be able to help him make some changes.

“He just has mental issues; he just needs to get help,” Ronnie said.

Robinson is in the Oklahoma County Jail on one count of making a terrorist hoax. He will be facing a new charge in Texas for terrorist threats.