Couple arrested, charged for making fake credit cards in metro hotel room

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NORMAN, Okla. - Two men were arrested after police discovered they were making fake credit cards in a high-priced hotel using an app.

Norman police were called the Embassy Suites hotel after being alerted about the use of possible stolen credit card information.

"It's not something that we frequently experience here," said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department.

When officials arrived to Shawn and Brandon McFadden's hotel room, police discovered they were running a fake card operation.

According to court documents, Shawn McFadden had in his possession "multiple gold cards." Visas and other partial or blank cards were also found.

"Had charged about $700 in fraudulent transactions onto that card," Jensen said. "They had either taken the numbers off of those credit cards or they were blank credit cards for them to put the new numbers on."

The men admitted the fraudulent cards had been manufactured using an app.

"That would provide them or generate them fake partial credit card numbers, and then they would have to come up with the remaining digits to complete those credit card numbers," said Jensen.

The remaining digits had to come from real people.

Police say the men had been stealing information and making fake cards since July.

It was one of the credit card's protection measures that got them caught.

"When they were questioned about the card, they didn't have the information regarding that back three-digit safety code," Jensen said.

Now, both Brandon and Shawn McFadden are charged with fraudulent use of a credit card, false making of a credit card, and possession of incomplete credit cards and a machine to make cards.

"There's a variety of technology that's always coming out to assist people with these fraudulent crimes," Jensen said.

Police say it's best to take precautions; protect your card numbers and only use it at places you trust.

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