Judge denies ‘Making a Murderer’ case a new trial

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Steven Avery

MANITOWOC, Wis – It’s a case that has recently gripped the nation.

Netflix’s documentary “Making a Murderer” focuses on the story of Steven Avery, who is serving a life sentence for murder.

Avery was released from prison in 2003 when DNA evidence exonerated him in a woman’s brutal attack. He had served 18 years for the crime. Two years later, in the midst of a civil suit he filed over his false conviction, Avery was arrested and convicted for Teresa Halbach’s murder.

Recently, Avery appealed the conviction, seeking a new trial.

However, his case was handed another blow after a judge ruled that Avery had failed “to establish any grounds that would trigger the right to a new trial,” the BBC reported.

Avery’s attorney, Kathleen Zellner, argues that he was framed in the case and will continue to seek a new trial.

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