Large race car garage fire with flammable items extinguished near Noble

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NOBLE, Okla. - A race car garage destroyed at a home south of Noble in Slaughterville Thursday night.

Slaughterville, Noble, Cedar Country and Lexington Fire crews were called to assist near Highway 77 and 60th Street.

Crews were called just after 8 p.m. when home owner K.C. Jones walked out of his house and noticed his RV was on fire.

"Looked like it had started right at the refrigerator, kind of an inherent problem sometimes with RVs," Jones said. "These refrigerators are made to run off of propane... Heard that they can blow up, and it did."

His 2,400 square foot garage had two jet-fueled racing cars in it, a trailer for the race cars, tools, and equipment.

"The race cars are each worth probably $100,000 a piece, truck and trailer like that is worth $100,000, all my spare parts and pieces are in the shop, hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools," Jones said. "It’s destroyed everything, my whole shop. There’s a 40 by 60 shop, a lot of jet racing engines in there, old military motors from the late 50s.

The doors were locked when firefighters arrived, so they were forced to break into the structures. The Slaughterville fire chief said they were forced to contend with explosive contents inside the buildings as well.

Jones said there wasn't very much fuel, guessing it was the tires, propane tanks, magnesium engines, and welding models causing most of the danger. There were even some fireworks inside.

"Firefighters are trying to figure out how to get over to the main door to figure out how to open it up and by the time I was telling him how to get there I had a few bigger fireworks that started going off," Jones said. "He said, 'I think I’ll wait just for a minute or two. It was just one of those moments."

EMSA crews were on hand for the firefighters but no one was injured.

Jones said he thanks God he and his wife, his grandson, and their dogs are OK.

"There are more important things. When you look at what has happened in the world in the last few weeks, you know," Jones said. "This has really rocked our world but when you look at all the hurricanes, and earthquakes down in Mexico, and the God awful shootings in Vegas, in the big scheme of things, we’re ok. We’re ok."

Jones had plans to race his cars at Thunder Valley Raceway Park this weekend. He said he doesn't know whether he'll continue a racing career after this.

"It's pretty surreal right now. I can’t believe all this has happened. But i’ve got to believe that God’s got bigger plans for us," Jones said. "I’ve been blessed to do this for 32 years and maybe it’s time to retire or go a whole different direction. I don’ know what we’re going to do. "



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