Perry teens cited for front yard shortcut caught on video: Police

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PERRY, Okla. - Perry police say teens who were caught on video driving through the front yard of a home have been cited.

The Perry Police Department posted video of the incident Wednesday after it was caught on a homeowner's security camera earlier this week.

"We just happened to view it and saw cars racing down the street and going through the yard and that pretty much was a shock to me," said the home's owner, Melinda O'Neill.

In the video, a dark pick-up truck, driving southbound on N. 5th St., comes to a stop at a stop sign at Elm St. Seconds later a blue pick-up truck comes into frame and drives to the left around the stopped pick-up, cuts the corner through O'Neill's front yard, and continues eastbound on Elm Street. A white pick-up and a red sedan follow suit. As the blue pick-up cuts through the yard, the stopped pick-up takes off eastbound on Elm.

In the Facebook post, Perry Police said "we are taking action to assure the community that this behavior will not continue," adding there was a close call with a pedestrian and the drivers.

Police tell News 4 the drivers' shortcuts through O'Neill's yard are connected to a Perry High School tradition of "Outhouse Wars," a class competition during homecoming week.

News 4 contacted the district for comment, but were told "It's not a school issue" because it didn't take place on school property. However, Perry Police Chief Brian Thomas tells News 4 the superintendent did address the issue this week.

"I was very upset, very upset," said O'Neill. "You live in your home and you don't expect people to intrude on your privacy and your property."

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