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Trial against Oklahoma couple accused of killing their nephew continues as defense takes the stand

ADA, Okla. - The trial against a couple accused of killing their nephew continued on Friday.

Rex and Rebecca Clark are charged with the murder of their nephew, Colton Clark, who went missing back in 2006.

The case was reopened in 2015 and the couple maintains that they’re innocent.

“We believe in Jesus Christ and we believe we will be innocent and free just real shortly, sir,” said Rex Clark in the courthouse parking lot.

Previous testimony from Colton’s brother detailed gruesome accounts of abuse just before the boy went missing.

Rebecca Clark took the stand and said she was distraught when Colton disappeared and even search agencies and psychics offered to help find the boy.

The prosecution claims raising the boys put such a strain on the couple’s marriage that they wanted the boys gone, resulting in a beating that led to Colton’s death.

Clark said tales of abuse were “fabricated” and the couple would never abuse the boys.

The trial will resume Monday.