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Service dog killed during violent home invasion, robbery in northwest Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are searching for four suspects after a violent home invasion and robbery in northwest Oklahoma City.

It just after midnight Sunday at the Cottages at Hefner Road apartments near Hefner and N. Western.

The woman who lives in the home said three men and a woman kicked in her door. At least one of the suspects had a gun.

She said the intruders made her take her clothes off, stole her belongings, beat her, and shot her service dog for anxiety, Dutch, to death.

“I took the shirt from the man that took my clothes off of me and wrapped it around my dog’s throat to make sure I could try and suppress the blood,” Gabrielle Wooldridge said. “There was just so much blood flowing out of him that there was globs of blood stuck to me from holding him, and I didn’t know exactly what to do.”

Wooldridge, who was also injured during the attack, says things got even worse.

“I wouldn’t let go of the stairwell and they said we’ll shoot your dog again if you don’t let go and I said, ‘well, then’, I was like, ‘me or the dog. Choose one,'" said Wooldridge. "And they were like ‘we’ll shoot the dog again.' I said, ‘no, choose me. Shoot me.’ I laid by that dog my whole life. Shoot me.’ They wouldn’t shoot me. They shot my dog again.”

She describes the suspects as three black males and a black female.

Authorities say no arrests have been made and anyone with information should call police immediately.