Oklahoma organizations show support for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Many Oklahomans are coming together to speak out in support of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Several Native American organizations gathered Monday morning in front of Oklahoma City's City Hall to celebrate and show support for Indigenous Peoples Day in Oklahoma City.

Officials say they are joining dozens of other cities and principalities across the state of Oklahoma and the nation in celebrating First Peoples contributions and existence on the second Monday of October.

The Oklahoma City Council has rejected formal requests by Native American citizens to designate this day as Indigenous Peoples Day in the past.

Officials tell News 4 all major cities in Oklahoma have renamed this day, and Oklahoma City is the only holdout.

However, they say they don't need them to "sanction" their right to celebrate their native pride.

On Monday, the group peacefully picketed outside of city hall to show their support for Indigenous People’s Day.