“He’s one of us,” Texas firefighter accused of ripping down U.S. flags

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DENTON, Texas - It was a surprising act that was caught on camera.

At the beginning of September, the Denton Rotary Club placed 12 U.S. flags to commemorate first responders for 9/11 around the courthouse in Denton, Texas.

Two days before Sept. 11, two of the flags were torn down and thrown in the trash can.

"I don't wanna judge the person or try to guess his motives, or reasons or excuses or whatever, but it kind of hit home a little harder," said Randy Robinson, the flag chairman for the Denton Rotary Club.

The act was caught on a surveillance camera, and the alleged suspect was identified as a Fort Worth firefighter.

"We wanna respect the flag," Capt. Orlando Hinojosa, with the Denton County Sheriff`s Office, told KDAF. "Last week, when we found out he was a Fort Worth fire fighter public servant, that hit home. He's one of us. He's here to protect and serve."

The alleged suspect was identified as Michael James Wagemann. Fire officials say he was placed on desk duty until an internal investigation is complete.