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Police: Man arrested after allegedly lying about being held against his will to get $800

Alvaro Nunez

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities arrested an Ada man who allegedly told a coworker that he needed money because he was being held against his will.

On Oct. 9, officers received a call from the victim about a possible kidnapping that occurred in Oklahoma City.

The victim told police that his coworker, 51-year-old Alvero Nunez, told him through text message that he was being held in a house in Oklahoma City.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nunez allegedly told the victim that he met some people at a bar and went back to their house to play poker. During the game, he told the victim that he lost $800 but couldn’t pay.

The report states that he told the victim that “they would not let him leave the house until they got the $800.”

Officers were able to use Nunez’s cell phone signal to find his location, which led them to the Relax Inn along N.E. 23rd St.

Authorities say Nunez was not being held against his will and was simply trying to get the victim to give him money.

Nunez was arrested on complaints of making a false report, extortion and obtaining money by false pretenses.