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Scared and wrapped in duct tape, abused cat finds his way home after 13 days

CLINTON, Iowa -Jenny Rice is more than happy to have her cat, Sammy, back home.

“It kinda got to a point where we didn’t think we would see him again but still had that little tiny glimmer of hope," Rice told WQAD.

The 8-year-old black house cat went missing for 13 days before he showed up on Sunday in Rice's backyard.

She was beyond shocked to see the kind of condition he was in.

“He’s got some decaying flesh, and we’re not sure if the tip of that tail is going to stay or not,” Rice said.

Someone tied a rope around Sammy's tail and wrapped it in duct tape. His right paw was also taped.

Rice was able to remove the tape around his paw, but his tail needed medical attention.

“I have no idea who could do such a thing… Animals are helpless, and we can’t understand why someone would do that to a creature,” Rice said.

Sammy is on pain medication now and is a lot less trusting than before.

Back in June, the Clinton Humane Society found a dog with his paws taped together, but police have not confirmed if the incident is related to Sammy’s case.

Rice said a few people reached out to her through social media to help her find the person responsible.

“There are a few folks in the community that have privately messaged me about their suspicions of maybe certain areas where things are happening, but we haven't really looked into it,” Rice said.

She's since filed a police report and plans to contact the Clinton Humane Society. Rice is optimistic Sammy will be able to keep the tip of his tail, but she will not know for sure until his follow up exams sometime during the week.