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City worker fired after allegedly killing family’s dog

TULSA, Okla. – A city worker in Tulsa has been fired after a family says he killed their dog right in front of them.

Julie Bailey tells KJRH that she was getting ready to take her two dogs on a walk on Friday afternoon when a city worker came to check the water meter.

As she reached the front porch, the dogs got away from her.

“They were still on the leash. The leash was going down the yard. I immediately got up to chase after the leashes so I could step on them, but they were faster than I was,” she said.

Bailey says as her dogs approached the man, he turned and hit her 5-pound dog with a metal rod.

“I could see Thumper right down by the manhole cover. Thumper was down, and the man picked [the metal rod] up and went like that and like that on top of Thumper twice after Thumper was not moving,” she said.

The worker reportedly told Bailey to call his supervisor and left the home. Bailey rushed Thumper to the vet, but the veterinarian said the damage to his skull was beyond repair.

Officials tell KJRH that the city worker was fired and that the Tulsa Police Department has launched an investigation. Once that investigation is complete, the findings will be handed over to the district attorney.

If the city worker is found guilty of animal abuse, he faces up to five years in prison.