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“It was an accident,” Student suspended after bringing weapon to school officials

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – A student says he was suspended for trying to do the right thing when it came to a weapon at school.

“Fourth period was P.E., so I went into the locker room and I grabbed my shorts out of my bag and that’s when I saw the knife,” Joseph McDrummond told KMVT.

Knowing that his school had a no weapons policy, he immediately took his backpack with the knife to his teacher.

McDrummond says he didn’t know the knife was in his backpack when he left for school that morning, and thought he was doing the right thing.

“We know mistakes happen, so if a student realizes they made a mistake, it’s best to immediately go to their teacher, the office, go to the S.R.O. and make sure they’re aware,” Eva Craner, with the Twin Falls Public School District, said.

Due to the zero tolerance policy, McDrummond was suspended from school and will have to stay home until his expulsion hearing, which is set for either Oct. 23 or Oct. 26.

If he is expelled for an extended amount of time, he will have to enroll in an alternative school or an online program.

“It’s very serious. Bringing a weapon to school, even without having bad intentions, is against the rules, and it’s against the law,” Craner said.

“It was an accident. If it wasn’t an accident, then I get it totally. But you can’t have a kid do something right and then turn around and they’re in trouble for it,” Stacy McDrummond, Joseph’s father, said.