Testimony continues in trial of Oklahoma man accused of abducting, killing 8-year-old in 1997

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Testimony continued Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of abducting and killing an 8-year-old Oklahoma girl more than two decades ago.

Kirsten Hatfield disappeared from her Midwest City home in the middle of the night back in May of 1997.

Officers found a pair of her panties with blood on them in the backyard and some trace amounts of blood on the partially opened window to her bedroom.

It was considered a cold case until two years ago when advanced DNA testing matched Anthony Palma to the blood on the underwear.

Palma lived two doors down from Hatfield and still lived there at the time of his arrest.

One of Hatfield’s childhood friends took the stand Wednesday morning testifying Palma used to stare at the two girls when they would play outside.

She said he “gave her the creeps.”

She never came forward with the information though until Palma was arrested.

Hatfield’s mom, Shannon Hazen, took the stand testifying about the fateful night.

She said she put Hatfield to bed around 9:30 or 10, laid in bed with her and told her she loved her.

She testified she heard a whine come from the bedroom her two daughters shared around 3 a.m. but said her youngest sometimes talked in her sleep.

She said she went to the room and found the door closed which was odd because the girls always slept with it open.

Hazen testified she pushed the door open but did not look inside.

When she woke the next morning around 6:30, Hatfield was gone.

Hazen emotionally testified about everything she’s done over the years to try and locate her daughter, whose body has never been found.

She said she only recalls one conversation with Palma, shortly after Hatfield disappeared.

She said he told her he didn’t know anything but thought it was odd his dogs barked in the middle of that night.

Several police officers also took the stand testifying about the scene and the evidence they gathered right after the crime.

Testimony is set to continue on Thursday.