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Tulsa families on high alert after coyotes spotted in backyards

TULSA, Okla. – Families in Tulsa say they are on high alert after a series of coyote attacks.

“I think a lot of people don’t believe there are coyotes roaming around in our backyards, but there are,” Joli Beasley told KJRH.

Three years ago, Beasley was forced to down her dog, Ellie, after she was attacked.

“I just think it’s more prevalent than people realize” said Beasley.

Recently, the family was able to snap photos of coyotes walking through their backyard, and even playing with their labradoodle.

Others are starting to take notice following an increase in reports around Midtown.

Experts with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife say they are not surprised by the coyote sightings.

“Tulsa, Bixby area, Broken Arrow, Owasso it’s all built along river systems, streams and creeks and those are green spaces that coyotes live year round,” said Colin Berg, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

Experts suggest placing a lid on your garbage, fencing in compost areas, and bringing pet food indoors to make your home less desirable for coyotes.