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‘American Pickers’ seeking leads for Oklahoma episodes

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A lot of people enjoy going to antique shops to find ‘hidden treasures’ but a couple of well-known ‘pickers’ are willing to do the dirty work to find diamonds in the rough.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the hosts of History Channel’s “American Pickers,” will be stopping by the Sooner State within the next couple of months.

The pair travel around the country to find fascinating pieces of history that may be hidden in junk piles or old barns.

Now, they are looking for leads in Oklahoma.

“The guys are definitely excited to go back to the Oklahoma area, it’s been — a couple of years since they’ve been there, so they’re definitely super stoked to be able to see what kind of collections everyone has,” Victoria Weinberg told the Duncan Banner. “I know they’re looking for unique antique collections with some interesting stories behind them, I know the guys love finding really interesting collections and they also love when there is a fun story behind it. It kind of makes it a little bit more — valuable, it’s like a little treasure for them.”

Organizers with the show say they are trying to spread the word that Wolfe and Fritz will be in the area in October or November.

If you have a private collection or hoard of antiques that Wolfe and Fritz can spend a day picking through, send your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to americanpickers@cineflix.com or call the show runners at 855-OLD-RUST.

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