Officials find missing woman’s body after relative spots her car from plane search

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TULSA, Okla. – It was less than a week ago when an Oklahoma man received a call that his aunt had gone missing.

Bryan Adair’s aunt, 86-year-old Dixie, had been missing since Monday.

Thursday, Adair flew out to help search, later spotting her vehicle on the Oklahoma border.

“It took about an hour to find her from where we thought she was on the dirt road, because she was at the end of the abandoned road,” Adair told KJRH. “A real muddy road that nobody looked down. And the car was parked there in the mud.”

Police believe Dixie left her car after getting it stuck in mud.

The same day Adair spotted her car, officials found Dixie’s body.

“My cousin was really upset. It was his mother. He wanted to find her. And we wanted to find her, but a little differently than that,” Adair said.

Officials are still working to determine her cause of death.

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