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Homeless puppeteer recovering after being hit, dragged by vehicle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is recovering after police said he was hit and dragged by a vehicle.

Jack Howell is well-known to residents around N.W. 23rd and Pennsylvania Ave.

Jack, who is a puppeteer, is homeless and uses his skills with his puppets to earn money and entertain drivers.

Recently, Jack was on the sidewalk near N.W. 23rd and Pennyslvania Ave. when he was hit by a car.

"They broke his back; now he's got a rod in it, infused vertebra, "said his son, Jacob Howell. "Broke his pelvis; he's got screws in that now, and they broke his shoulder."

Jack Howell in an Oklahoma City hospital.

Investigators said a driver was on his phone when he jumped the curb and hit Jack and another person before crashing into another vehicle.

Jack’s son said he was dragged by the vehicle over a median, and witnesses said he ended up under the other car.

The other man who was hit was also taken to the hospital.

Police said the driver was cited for distracted driving.