Officials looking for family members of fallen Oklahoma firefighters

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TULSA, Okla. – A local fire department is searching for relatives of a pair of fallen firefighters who died in the line of duty 100 years ago.

Ben Hanes and Ross Shepard died when a stairwell collapsed at the Mayo building in 1917.

“The fire came in about 10 o’clock at night, next door at the Ohio building and it quickly spread to the Mayo building, which they obviously saved that building because it’s still here today,” said Capt. Mike Burgess, with the Tulsa Fire Department.

In addition to saving the building, firefighters also rescued several women and children from the blaze.

Since then, the Tulsa Fire Department has not lost a firefighter during a fire.

To honor their sacrifice, the fire department will recreate the funeral procession that occurred 100 years ago at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa.

“I don’t want their memory to be forgotten,” Capt. Burgess said.

Officials tell FOX 23 they are now trying to find family members of Hanes and Shepard to be a part of the service.

If you are related to them, contact the Tulsa Fire Department.

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