Oklahoma City woman held alleged burglar on ground for police

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Seven-year-old Yocelin Pena was sitting on the couch watching TV with her 1-year-old brother, Charlie, when a strange woman just walked in the back door.

“I was scared,” Pena said. “She just came in, and I grabbed my brother because I saw her and said that’s not my grandma.”

Pena acted fast, hauling her little brother into her bedroom and locking the door.

“If I just grabbed him by his hand, he would walk slow. So, I just grabbed him, even though he’s heavy,” Pena said.

The suspect ended up running out of Pena’s house, taking off down S.W. 20th, and going into Leann Richard’s home, then trying to run again.

“We took off running this way. I said, hey, stop. Lady just ran, ran. So, I took off like I been running a marathon,” Richards said.

Richards chased the suspect down and pinned her to the ground, effectively making what she called a “citizen’s arrest.”

“And, over there where that grass is, I tackled her. I said you’re going to stop. I was like a football player. It was all like in slow motion,” Richards said.

Richards laid on top of 27-year-old Ofelia Uribe until police arrived and arrested her.

“She wasn’t no match for me. I might be older, but I’m wiry,” Richards said.

And, neighbors said this isn’t the first time the same woman has tried to break into their homes and vehicles.

“She tried to get in my aunt’s truck, and then she got in over where my uncle has his pallets and she cut her stomach. She has a big scar,” said young Monica Valdez.

Uribe was arrested on several different charges including trespassing, resisting arrest and drug charges.

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