“They’re stealing from the state,” Oklahoma park workers accused of pocketing cash

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. - A couple charged with watching over a state park camp ground are charged with embezzling state funds.

Anissa and Johnathan Chambers are both accused of selling complimentary parking passes to camping guests and pocketing the proceeds.

The two were camp hosts at the Little Axe camp ground at Thunderbird State Park.

The parking area offers one free pink hang tag to those who pay a camping fee.

Now, authorities said the two were selling the pink tags.

Another park employee discovered, on the camp ground, several more vehicles than there should have been with the pink hang tags.

After interviewing the campers, they discovered the pink tags had been sold to them by the Chambers.

Upon checking the register, the employee found there was no record of any sale.

Both confessed to stealing the money.

Frustrating news to campers who enjoy the shared space.

"They’re stealing from the state," said camper Martin Clark. "They’re taking away from the finances that are keeping all these facilities open."

Martha Clark insists those working at the parks are generally good people.

"Some of the nicest, most honest people you’d ever meet, so it surprises me but I think it disappoints me more than anything," Martha said.

Now, Anissa is charged with 10 counts of embezzlement of state property and Johnathan is charged with one.

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