Police in Oklahoma warning residents after finding ecstasy shaped like candy

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HARTSHORNE, Okla. – Police in Oklahoma are warning residents after finding ecstasy shaped like candy.

On Sunday, an officer with the Hartshorne Police Department received a call about two small baggies containing what appeared to be pills found at the corner of 12th and Cherokee in Hartshorne.

When the officer examined the baggie, he found that the pills appeared to look like small candy, about half the size of a Flintstone vitamin.

According to the police department, one of the pills were shaped like a heart, one was shaped like Bart Simpson’s head, and another one was shaped like a grenade.

Officials determined the pills were ecstasy.

The police department posted a photo of the pills on Facebook, warning residents because pills shaped like candy can be appealing to children.

Anyone who sees suspicious items on the ground is asked to contact police.

“Also if the person that lost this item would like to claim it you are more than welcome to come speak with the Chief,” the Hartshorne Police Department ended the Facebook post.


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