Tips on protecting your identity

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Privacy is a rare commodity these days. Major website breaches are becoming more common.

Millions of Americans were affected by the Equifax breach. Now, Yahoo has announced that three billion people were put at risk from a 2013 breach.

How can you protect you personal information from getting in the hands of criminals?

Entrepreneur Patrick Allmond stopped by to share some important tips on protecting your identity.

  1. Once you’ve realized your information has been stolen, what’s the first step to take?
    • Get a credit freeze. This protects only against new accounts opened in your name but it will help out in the long run.
  2. How can you better protect your information online?
    • Better your passwords. Do not use the same one for several accounts. Also, consider a password manager. This creates unique passwords for accounts and then is protected in a database.
  3. Can social media play a role in these breaches? Should all activity be kept private?
    • You should be wary to share too much information with others. Keep your account private, this will stop other users you don’t know from seeing your information.
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