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Burglary suspect arrested after holding his dad at gunpoint in northwest Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Early Tuesday morning, a couple woke up to find a strange car in their driveway after a burglary suspect led police on a short chase - which ended at their home.

"It was about 2:30 and the dogs were barking," said the northwest Oklahoma City homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous.

She said it was alarming.

"We came out and there was another car in our driveway," she said. "There were some police around the corner."

Turns out, a police chase ended in their driveway.

It started just a few blocks away at an apartment complex near N.W. 56th and May.

"It was a father and son. The son had forced his way into the father's apartment, confronted him with a firearm, accused him of stealing from him," said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said the suspect, Freddie Jackson, had already been banned from the complex for allegedly burglarizing another apartment recently.

That didn't stop him from going back.

According to the police report, the victim was very scared and shaking.

"As police got there, the son fled the scene in a vehicle," Knight said. "Police spotted the vehicle."

Jackson was accompanied by a second suspect, Imani Hearst. The two led police on a short pursuit, which ended when Jackson decided to pull over in a nearby driveway.

"The suspect actually got out and tried to flee," Knight said.

He even tried to climb a fence before police caught up to him.

Both Hearst and Jackson are facing several charges, including burglary and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.