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Ex-Oklahoma cop on trial for the fourth time says he had to shoot

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TULSA, Okla. – A former Oklahoma police officer on trial for the fourth time in the 2014 killing of his daughter’s boyfriend told jurors he had no choice but to shoot the young man.

Former Tulsa officer Shannon Kepler was the last witness called in the case.

Kepler said he saw 19-year-old Jeremey Lake reaching into his waistband for what he believed to be a gun, so Kepler fired. No weapon was found on or near Lake’s body.

Prosecutors rested their case Tuesday after jurors heard a 911 call where Kepler’s daughter screams to dispatchers that her father had shot Lake. Lisa Kepler has testified at each of her father’s first-degree murder trials.

Lisa Kepler had been in and out of a homeless shelter after her father prohibited her from bringing men into his house.

Shannon Kepler doesn’t deny shooting Lake, but has said he did so because he thought he was armed.

Closing arguments are expected Wednesday afternoon before the case goes to the jury.

Three previous juries deadlocked 11-1, 10-2 and 6-6, forcing the judge to declare mistrials.