Low rain chances in the forecast before the heat dome moves in

All eyes on the sky! Orionids meteor shower peaks Friday and Saturday nights!

Grab some blankets and hot chocolate and look to the sky Friday and Saturday nights!

The annual Orionids will send up to 20 meteors per hour dancing across the night sky, all visible with the naked eye.

The celestial light display is thanks to debris falling from the orbit of Haley's Comet, as it burns up in Earth's atmosphere.

The space show is called Orionids because it originates above the star constellation of Orion the Hunter.

According the AccuWeather, this year will be a particularly good year for viewing the shower since it falls just days after the new moon, meaning there will be little natural light pollution.

However, city lights always pose a problem, so if you live near town, hop in your car and head out into the country.

Plan to stay up late though, as peak displays will hit between midnight and dawn each night.

The meteors will be seen worldwide, according to NASA, but for Oklahomans, the best viewing will be in far western Oklahoma, or in any state west of the state lane, except California, where smoke from the wildfires will make viewing difficult.

If you miss this weekend's light show, good news - one of the best meteor showers of the year is yet to come!

The Geminids will rain down on December 13th, when viewers will see up to 120 multi-colored meteors per hour.