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Growing Up Gundy

They're the first family of football in the state. The Gundy's. Down the road at Boone Pickens Stadium Mike Gundy practices with his Oklahoma State Cowboys. But in that shadow is Gunnar Gundy. Mike’s son and Stillwater’s Quarterback. Both titles come with pressure, none of which, Gunnar feels.
Gunnar Gundy says, “I feel like it’s even more exciting to play with that last name than it is being nervous. People like to jaw at me and I like to jaw back a little bit. Proving I can play and not be in his shadow is more exciting for me than it is nervous.”
And it's not only his dad, his uncle, Cale Gundy also plays a part in Gunnar's development.
Gunnar says, “He always texts me after games and tells me good job. I talk to my uncle a lot and see how he’s doing up there. Because his son is actually coaching for OU now. He’s a GA so it’s actually good to watch them and keep in touch with them.”
With football engrained in Mike and Gunnar's DNA, a constant around the Gundy household is watching film. And as competitive as the father son duo is, it's led to some interesting and playful film sessions.

Gunnar says, “he’ll say back in my day I could’ve made that throw that you missed. We’ll joke around a lot, he’s serious sometimes, but he’s always joking with me during film.”
Mike Gundy says, “I watch it by myself and I watch it with him until he gets mad and walks out. That’s usually about the middle of the second quarter.”
Gunnar adds, “I know he’ll be proud of me no matter what. He’s obviously a very smart coach, very smart guy, so I feel very blessed to have him there with that in mind and him teach me the game the right way. But we are father and son at the same time so we do go at it sometimes.”
And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to how each plays quarterback. Mike Gundy knows where Gunnar gets his skills from, but also thinks he has some work to do if he wants to reach the same level as the former OSU signal caller.
Mike Gundy says, “Certainly me. It’s not even close. He’s got a chance to, if he keeps growing, but he’s not as fundamentally sound as what I was at that point in my career.”
Gunnar says, “I see a lot in me and him and him in me. He was very, he had a fire under him every game cause he wasn’t the biggest player on the field like I am. I’m not that tall. He never let that stop him. Bigger guys got in his face, he got right back. I feel like me playing that way, just the way he played. Never scared, never fatigued. So I want to play the same way he did.”
And so far it’s like father, like son.