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Local elementary school principal credited for saving student who fell in drainage creek

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MOORE, Okla. — An elementary school principal is credited for saving a student who fell in a drainage creek during recess.

8-year-old Jameston likes to climb, explore and that’s not all.

"He loves water. He would rather go swimming than just about anything else,” Melissa Morgan, Jameston’s mom, said.

Morgan said that can be a scary thing because he can’t swim, which caused a close call earlier this week.

“I got a phone call, actually it was a voice mail because my phone was having problems. It said, 'This is the principal, please call me back. It's about your son.' I, of course, called right back,” Morgan said.

Jameston has autism. He’s non-verbal and that love for exploring often causes him to wander.

“He said, 'Jameston ran away during recess. He made it all the way across the field several houses down. I sprinted after him,'” Morgan said.

He got pretty far from Plaza Towers Elementary, all the way to a nearby drainage creek which at the time, was pretty full. Little Jameston’s head quickly went under.

Thankfully though, his principal jumped right in after him.

"He was fine, He was calm, like he had a lovely little adventure and it was great,” said Morgan. “I'm sure our heart pressure will return to normal sometime.”

Morgan said she’s just thankful she dodged her worst nightmare, all because of the quick response from an alert staff member.

"If it wasn't for them doing their jobs, if it wasn't for them responding immediately, having a plan and going through it, then Jameston wouldn't be here,” Morgan said.

Jameston’s principal, Patrick Chase, was unavailable for an interview Friday but Morgan said he was just overwhelmingly thankful that he got to Jameston in time.