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Oklahoma’s largest auto swap meet: Bringing projects and rare parts together since 1973

CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- This yard is for cars and parts, and the people who bring them together, rust and chrome, grease and gray hair too.

Bud Andrus has been to ever one of the Chickasha Antique Auto Club Swap Meets.

"Since 1973," he says.

Back then the display tables groaned with Model T and Model A parts.

As the years past so did the early models.

It's not so much pre-war and pre-Gen X now.

"What have you seen that you liked coming through the gates," asks a swap meet visitor?

"There's been some nice cars from the 60's," he says.

Bud would still like to get his hands on a 1930's era Chevy pickup.

He was hoping to sell this 1960 Impala too.

Fernando Madrigal bought a 1936 Buick a few days ago and walked every inch of the Grady County Fairgrounds for even the smallest part.

"Any luck," we ask?

"Not yet," he smiles. "But I'm going to keep trying."

Everyone here is looking for something hard to find.

They've all got projects of their own.

Lonnie Singletary's trailer came from Enid with a 1948 pickup on top and a ton of other un-attached parts.

He finds these things at other swap meets, sales, and auctions.

He rotates his merchandise so the regulars don't get bored, and he makes sure to have a good time.

"I'd rather do this than go fishing," remarks Lonnie. "I don't want to make anyone mad but this is my fishing trip right here."

There are probably more parts than cars that fit them here.

This of this sale an others like it as a last-ditch effort to save them from the scrap pile, to keep some of that old stock rolling for just a little while longer.

The Chickasha Antique Auto Club organizes swap meets twice a year.

The Fall 2017 edition runs October 19-21 at the Grady County Fairgrounds.

For more information go to http://www.chickashaautoswapmeet.com