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2 Thunder fans surprised at season opener

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Thunder’s season opener at home was especially memorable for two fans who were pleasantly surprised at the game.

A couple months ago, young Hooper’s mom said he wrote a letter to General Manager Sam Presti enclosing his $10 allowance money to “help keep Russ.”

Then, on Saturday afternoon, following Russell Westbrook signing a five-year contract extension, the mom said Presti called Hooper. Presti said thank you for the letter, the allowance helped keep Westbrook and – even traded Hooper the $10 for four tickets to the opener.

“Our little family who would never be able to do this kind of thing is in for a fun night because of the heart of one sweet little boy and the heart of a grown man who took time out of his busy schedule to make one kid’s day. Month. Year! It’s crazy,” she said. “And we are grateful, excited, PUMPED! And we wanted to encourage everyone to THUNDER UP!”

The second Thunder fan appeared to have a little less time to prepare for and process her seemingly impromptu surprise.

As the Kiss Cam captures the couple on screen, the man is taken aback at first. That’s when the woman takes charge and kisses him.

The man then gets up from his seat and gets down on one knee, pulling out a ring and proposing.

Now’s the woman’s turn to be taken aback – but manages to say yes.

“It was definitely the best day of my life!” she told KFOR. “I am a lucky lady for sure!”

The newly engaged couple embraces, and the crowd erupts into cheers.

As if all that excitement wasn’t enough for young Hooper and the new fiancé, Thunder won 105-85 against the New York Knicks.

Their’s next home game is at 6 p.m. on Sunday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.