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Crews assess damage after tornado hits Riverwind Casino

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. - Crews are assessing damage after a tornado hit Riverwind Casino and nearby areas.

Storms blew through the area on Saturday night, ripping up trees and damaging buildings.

The Beach Boys were performing at the casino at the time, and Governor Mary Fallin was in attendance.

“Our crews had been watching the weather all night long, but the Tornado Warning was issued by the National Weather Service the moment the tornado hit Riverwind,” said Kym Koch, spokesperson for Riverwind.

Despite safety protocols in place for severe weather, Koch said time didn't allow them to be executed.

"We didn't have any warning which to tell our guests to take cover or secure themselves in a safe place in the casino. That was unfortunate but, despite that, we had no injuries of employees or patrons reported."

Fallin and others were evacuated into a shelter because rain was leaking through the roof and there were concerns it could collapse. She said she left when it it was considered safe to leave.

Cheryl Mercer was visiting her son at his home nearby when the storm hit.

"He got up and opened the door, as all Okies do, and looked out and there was debris, there was straw, wind, trash going every which way," she said.

Fortunately, her family wasn't injured.

Guests at the Riverwind who were displaced were taken by the casino to another hotel.

Riverwind said there was damage to the roof as well as inside and it just got power back on Sunday afternoon.

There were no reports of any injuries.