Pokes Play Best Defense In Mike Gundy Era

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Everything went sideways, but the defense, those were the words of Mike Gundy after his Pokes program set a national record by becoming the first school ever to win in Austin five straight times.

The defense's dominance was so good that it had Gundy reflecting long term.

"I told the team in there that it was the best defensive play that I've seen in a long time," Gundy said.  "I can't remember however many years back now, but I was going to say as long as I've been a head coach.  On the road I've never seen a defense play like in dealing with all the adversity."

"Nice words," Glenn Spencer, OSU defensive coordinator, said.  "Really nice words.  Players make plays, and they played well.  I'm not going to take anything away from them, but if they don't put this one to rest tonight we'll be sitting around in Morgantown saying, what happened next Saturday night.  Proud of them.  Very nice for coach to say that.  Good to be able to close it out on our end."

"Coach Spencer does a great job of preparing us for games like this," Ramon Richards, OSU senior safety, said.  "Coach Hammer gave us some great keys to lock into today.  We're not guessing.  We're playing fast and physical.  Hats off to us.  I thank him for that compliment, but it's behind us now all we can do is get better from here."

"You don't notice how many stops they get until you kind of look up there in the fourth quarter, and it still 10-10," Mason Rudolph, OSU senior quarterback, said.  "Best game they've played all year.  Just love Ramon, and the energy he brings every single day.  Whether they give up a few extra scoring drives or they hold them to a couple touchdowns.  Just his awareness, and ability to make that play at the end was awesome."

OSU's offensive players obviously appreciated their defense's performance.

Thirteen points was the lowest total in a Cowboy win since 1995.