“It was really scary,” Oklahoma family awakened by exploding computer

OKLAHOMA CITY – It was 3:15 a.m. when a loud explosion woke the Staton family.

“I mean, it was really scary just to wake up to that," Kennedy Staton said. "It was loud."

Scott Staton raced to the office where his Samsung Notebook was a ball of flames.

“There was sparks going everywhere," he recalled.

Kennedy ran to the kitchen for water.

“I just grabbed cups, took it back and started pouring it on the flames,” she told News 4.

The fire was out - but the danger was not over.

“I was holding it and going to take it outside," Scott said. "As I was holding it, it blew up in our face."

A total of three explosions in a matter of minutes.

Scott filed a claim with Samsung, and the company is investigating the latest incident.

Oklahoma City fire officials said lithium battery fires are rare but they do happen. A hover board caught fire just last year.

“It doesn't take much force for them to explode and, when they do, they can shoot projectiles across the room - very hot pieces and it can be very dangerous,” said Spokesperson Benny Fulkerson.

In this case, nobody was injured. Damage was limited to a few thousand dollars.

But, it's a wake-up call for the Statons and anyone else with a device powered by a lithium ion battery.

“Don't leave stuff plugged in, and make sure you have smoke detectors that work,” Scott said.