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Oklahoma City man arrested after allegedly entering home, laying on top of 7-year-old boy

OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is behind bars after police said he was found laying on top of a 7-year-old boy — a boy he didn’t know and in a house he didn’t live in.

Police said Shawn Brittain was arrested for burglary.

The family said they left the door unlocked for another family member who was coming home.

According to the boy’s sister, who didn't want to be identified for safety reasons,  Brittain came in through the door.

“He looked really messed up," she said. "He had like blood right here on his face, and a cut on his arm and like another cut in his arm like he had injected himself with something. He had shorts, and he was barefoot."

After discovering the man was in the home, the mother tried to pull the man off of the boy and the man got out of the bed.

The sister of the boy said he picked up a Mother Mary statue and tried to defend himself. The woman said he made satanic references and talked about “being in another world.”

“He just started talking about like 666," she said.

The woman said he then asked for a knife so he could kill her and her family before asking for hugs.

While police were on the scene, they said another person pulled up in a car and said the suspect was with them at a Halloween party but disappeared for a few hours.

After they found him, he jumped out of the car and ran away again before ending up at the victims’ home.

Brittain remains in the Oklahoma County Jail.