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This bookstore in Lexington, Oklahoma traffics in strange tales

LEXINGTON, Okla. - You can start some pretty good conversations over a cup of hot coffee, but you can't blame mere caffeine for the wide-ranging subjects you might encounter inside Glen McDonald's bookstore on Main Street Lexington.

"I've always been interested in anything unusual," he said.

Glen is a retired state worker and acknowledged book nerd who saw a good deal in the building and opened Anomalist Books and Brews.

His interest in exceptional events shows itself in the number and type of books he has for sale or when Glen's son, PJ, pulls out one of his Bigfoot casts.

"This one is from Wolf Creek, California," states PJ, "And it was cast by Peter Burns in 1960."

Glen himself retains a bartender's or barista's sense of neutrality.

"I'm open-minded," the elder McDonald said. "But, I'm not so open-minded that I'm going to let my brain fall out."

Books and DVDs are available all the time, but the real fun starts on weekends when the McDonalds host authors and 'experts' on anomalies that seem to occur just about everywhere in Oklahoma.

Want to know more about the Bishopville Monster or hone up on lesser known Chinese prophets?

You've come to the right place.

"I'll sell a book on anything," Glen said.

Glen was a history major in college, so he's got lots of those kinds of books.

He also has a nose for true crime authors.

Peel back the onion here and you've got a retired guy who didn't see much of a future in sitting around watching television with his special needs daughter, so he invited people with amazing stories over for a drink or a snack and then encouraged them to spill.

The result is a bookstore full of amazing tales, some in print and others that spill themselves into very warm air.

Anomalist Books and Brews is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Guest speakers and authors usually meet on Fridays and Saturdays.

For more information, go to their Facebook page or call 405-527-8467.