“Deserves the best life possible,” DHS employee talks about child needing a home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Tori is a young lady with so much love to give. Her big brown eyes will melt your heart.

For 12-year-old Tori, Derek Collom has been the only constant in her life. He's been her DHS worker for the past four years and says he's seen her grow so much.

"Wasn't outgoing. Kind of standoffish toward people, and now she's very outgoing. She wants to visit with everybody. She wants to be friends with everybody,” Collom said.

In fact, Tori calls Collom every day after school.

"If I don't answer, she leaves me a voice mail. Always very sweet and polite, always requesting I call her back," he said.

A polite young lady who is also a straight “A” student, with reading being her favorite subject.

"One of the things she likes to do in school is she likes to sit on her bean bag, and she'll find her a book she enjoys and she'll sit there and read,” he said.

Collom says Tori needs stability and believes she will thrive in a permanent home.

"Sometimes change in patterns disrupts Tori's daily functions. When she's used to waking up and having the same routine in the morning we need to continue with that routine," he said.

Consistency is something she's never known being under DHS care since she was only two.

"My hope would be to find an adoptive home that's patient, that's loving, that sees Tori in the same light that I see - Tori as a 12-year-old little girl that deserves the best life possible,” Derek said.

Click here for more information on adopting a child or call (405) 767-2955.

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