House Speaker offers deal on gross production tax

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  House Speaker Charles McCall (R) District 22, announced an offer Tuesday afternoon to hold a floor vote to raise the Gross Production Tax on new wells from 2% to 5% for the first 36 months if House Democrats will pass House Bill 1035.

“House Republicans are willing to compromise to get this budget solved for the people of Oklahoma,” said Speaker McCall, R-Atoka. “House Democrats have demanded a vote on increasing the GPT to five percent, so here is their chance. All they have to do is pass the revenue package of items they repeatedly said they want – healthcare funding, a teacher pay raise, a state employee pay raise and restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit for low income Oklahomans. If they will pass this package, I will guarantee them a straight up vote on GPT at 5 percent on the House floor. House Republicans will be allowed to vote their conscience on the GPT bill.”

House Minority Leader, Scott Inman (D) District 94 said in response, "You see the Speaker is asking my caucus to vote YES on his tax increases on middle class families. So he’s put them all in one bill. But his idea of compromise is to then disingenuously offer a separate vote on a 5% GPT that he, himself, along with his leadership team would then vote NO against."

House Bill 1035 is scheduled for a floor vote Wednesday.