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“She’s just a very giving person,” Oklahoma woman praised for turning photos into keepsake art for families

HENNESSEY, Okla. - Football pumps through the veins of every small town in Oklahoma. Memories are made on Friday nights.

Lifetime resident Bonny Flesher is the queen of the camera in Hennessey, pacing the sidelines longer than most can remember.

"These people taught us life lessons and how to give back to people. And it's a matter of letting these kids know that we care," said Bonny.

Bonny will take the photos and then create beautiful portraits.

"They are special, everyone one of them. Those faces all have a story, they really do. I have the privilege of taking those pictures and putting them on a piece of paper. And letting them see them when they are our age down the road," she said.

They are lifetime keepsakes for kids and parents.

Long-time friend, Tracie Macy, nominated Bonny for Pay it 4Ward.

"A gift of drawing. She'll make pictures and surprise the kids and their parents with it. It's emotional to watch. She's just a very giving person," said Tracie.

Bonny was shocked and filled with emotion when she was surprised with the $400, thanks to the help of First Fidelity Bank.

"Bonny, you are amazing to our community. To parents, to kids. You share so much of yourself with us. You give up your time, all this effort. And you create all these memories that we get to keep. And we appreciate you. And we love you," Tracie told Bonny.

The money will help replace the broken laptop Bonny uses to edit and print all those unique pictures.

But there is a much greater gift here; Unconditional love - for a woman who dedicates her life to paying it forward.

Pay it 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.